Do You Need Custody Lawyers?

Not every situation requires the services and skills of custody lawyers said a redwood city custody lawyer. But when you do find yourself in a tough position, it is definitely recommended to at least consult with one. In a second, you are going to learn about how custody issues don’t have to go through lawyers or even get in front of a judge. Instead, there are better and quicker ways to handle custody problems, but certain elements need to be in Image result for divorce mediationplace.

Choosing To Mediate

If the situation allows it, the separated couple can peacefully sit down and discuss what is best for the kids. And you don’t necessarily have to be friendly or pleasant, but respect should be practiced by everyone involved. Although, mediation only requires the separated couple and a third-party mediator. It goes without saying that both parties should agree on the person who sits in on the matter. It should also be made clear that the goal of the mediator is simply there to keep the peace and maintain clear communication.

When both parties are satisfied with the arrangements, a contract is signed with the mediator.

Why Consider Mediation?

The main reason why people prefer to mediate is based on saving children from extended pain and trauma. In other words, mediating the issue will go a lot quicker than an official legal process where custody lawyers need to get involved.

There is also the matter of cost. And seeing as no lawyers need to be present with a mediation process, or a judge for that matter, it really saves both parties a lot of money and time.

When Can Mediation Be An Option?

It is crucial that both parents are able to communicate without escalating the situation. If you know for a fact that you can’t be in the same room for too long, mediation is probably not the best option. However, it is something to consider when looking at the children involved. The last thing they want to see is their parents fighting with custody lawyers all the time.

Unfortunately, some cases require special skills and knowledge. When mediation isn’t an option, it is recommended to consult with a lawyer that specializes in family law. Because you don’t want to risk losing custody of your children, it is only in your best interest to speak with a professional.

But if there is a more peaceful way to settle this, don’t let the opportunity pass by.